Monday, March 05, 2007

My favorite e e cummings quote (at this moment)

I will not kiss your fucking flag!
from "I sing of Olaf, glad and big"

People of AA, the United States and its fucking terrorism are OUTSIDE ISSUES!!! Tradition Ten.

No! I will not have a moment of silence for the United States, its idiot unscrupulous President, and its murdering troops or paid terrorists. Please, speak up when you hear this bullshit in an AA meeting. You have my sacred promise (sacred because it it MY promise) that I will not let this jingoism go by without my strenuous objection.

People of Iraq and throughout the world, forgive us for the apathy, stupidity, and fear that have allowed this murder and horror to happen. God, help the people who have made their homes over mineral wealth that the industrial world covets.


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