Friday, February 27, 2009

My recovery hiatus...

I would like to apologize to the well-wishers who have encouraged me to begin posting again. I have been busy with my activist sober life and haven't felt angry enough about AA meetings to voice my dissent. I only go to "safe" meetings that I had a hand in developing so I'm comfortable and don't have to defend my atheism or my belief that the twelve-step system is a medical fraud.

My anger, however, has been building toward religion and faith in general. I started a Facebook group called The Godless Horde that hopefully will arrange atheist pride parades, atheist lobbies, atheist fellowships, and actively attack religion and faith — picketing places of worship with provocative slogans and come-on-let's-fight postures.

I am a trained philosopher and a lawyer. I’ve spent over 25 years wrestling with theodicies, trying to come up with answers to the Problem of Evil. The best answer I found is that there is no loving God. I do not have time for the immoral Jewish jingoism of the Hebrew scriptures and the bloody genocides committed by Jews against those in their way. I don't have time for the Quran and its reiteration of the Jewish and Christian exclusion and animus against outsiders.

I do not have the time to waste with Christian apologies. I still love certain passages of the Koine scriptures. I still try to live by the principles in the Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5-7; Luke 6) But the whole gospel premise is silly and mean. A gruesome death is required to pay for the theft of a fruit 4000 years earlier. God can’t forgive humanity without a gruesome death. Oy!!!

RELIGION IS EVIL. It's our job to get rid of it.


Blogger speedy said...

well, it's still good to see you back writing & opining on any subject. i share your views on monotheism, its horrifically bloody histories, & its continued support of irrationalism (catholic condom bans, homophobia, epistemological exclusivity, etc.).

while the religious may be kind, loving, compassionate people, organized religion has proven time and again to be harmful to genuine social & cultural progress.

i might argue that organized AA/12-step (while not nearly as guilty of the crimes committed in the names of YHWH, Jesus, Allah, & others) is just as vapid. it stands opposed to rational thought & genuine scientific/medical progress in addressing the very syndrome it claims to be solely interested in helping others recover from. worse, while AA may indeed be a non-profit organization, institutionalized 12 step (in the health treatment industry, its influence on law enforcement, its media ubiquity, etc.) has been a financial & social drain on this country since Marty Mann began her crusade in 1950's.

any way, it's good to know that you're still out there fighting the good fight. it's good to know that both of us are not alone.


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Blogger speedy said...


my first foray into the arena of public 12 step criticism:

religious faith & science are indeed at odds. even if non-denominational, i believe 12X12 is religious in nature. its entrenchment in the health care, law enforcement, & political arenas demands revision or at least solid evidence to substantiate that virtual monopoly.

curious to have your feedback.



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