Friday, July 28, 2006

Far from town...

a different brand of laughter
beats toward a breathing loft.

an alfalfa mattress,
a soft crumpled plaid dress,
and a matchbook with a scribbled address.

I brought her flowers,
and she gave me water.

© Troy Spears & Timothy Lytle, 1981

By way of explanation and a challenge to AA...

I am not in favor of people with an addictive nature attempting moderation, merely because of all the things that can go wrong. Loved ones hurt, careers ruined, and people maimed and murdered. However, I will go crazy if I try to monitor and control another's active addictions... believe me, I know this from personal experience... I'm not reciting this from a Big Book or from the mindless repetition of oldtimer's "wisdom." This blogger realizes that the active addict or self-undoer is a Child of God (more correctly, a Figment of My Reality). The self-undoer has an open channel with the Source, and I have no business meddling with the lessons or the path the Source has set for its child. My challenge to AA is to honor those that would try to moderate and those who fail. My challenge to AA is to honor the independence of thought and action that are embodied in our Third and Fourth tradition. Goosestepping is very unbecoming to the post-modern mind, even if marching is done in Twelve Steps.