Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post-modernism is gibberish.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There is a barbarism that is stalking America...

a Christian-Zionist Taliban. We have to make religion, all religion, socially unacceptable. We cannot let people spout gibberish as fact, because reality is too precious.  The fantasymongers blaspheme Reality.  I like a tall tale and a bit of fantasy as much as anyone. But I worked too hard and too long to teach myself to think and to weigh evidence. And I will not let people pose as authorities because they can recite their personal gibberish better than others.


is a halfway house on the road to atheism.  It feels like you're enveloped in a religion, a tradition, a set of proscriptions and rituals, but there's no god. Karma is a shriveled leftover of the divine judge and it poses as universal natural law. When you finally evolve past Buddha, you realize that only you are left to play God.

Boundaries, boundaries, all round!

Boundaries are rules I set for myself, not others, to observe - what I myself will do when others frustrate my reasonably stated and rational expectations.