Friday, February 27, 2009

My recovery hiatus...

I would like to apologize to the well-wishers who have encouraged me to begin posting again. I have been busy with my activist sober life and haven't felt angry enough about AA meetings to voice my dissent. I only go to "safe" meetings that I had a hand in developing so I'm comfortable and don't have to defend my atheism or my belief that the twelve-step system is a medical fraud.

My anger, however, has been building toward religion and faith in general. I started a Facebook group called The Godless Horde that hopefully will arrange atheist pride parades, atheist lobbies, atheist fellowships, and actively attack religion and faith — picketing places of worship with provocative slogans and come-on-let's-fight postures.

I am a trained philosopher and a lawyer. I’ve spent over 25 years wrestling with theodicies, trying to come up with answers to the Problem of Evil. The best answer I found is that there is no loving God. I do not have time for the immoral Jewish jingoism of the Hebrew scriptures and the bloody genocides committed by Jews against those in their way. I don't have time for the Quran and its reiteration of the Jewish and Christian exclusion and animus against outsiders.

I do not have the time to waste with Christian apologies. I still love certain passages of the Koine scriptures. I still try to live by the principles in the Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5-7; Luke 6) But the whole gospel premise is silly and mean. A gruesome death is required to pay for the theft of a fruit 4000 years earlier. God can’t forgive humanity without a gruesome death. Oy!!!

RELIGION IS EVIL. It's our job to get rid of it.